LLumar® Window Tint Makes Every Ride More Enjoyable.

With LLumar window tint you can enjoy a more confident ride that comes from knowing you and your family have protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, heat and glare. Available in a variety of shades, from clear to dark charcoal, you can choose a look that not only helps reject heat, but also reflects your personality. For further peace of mind, LLumar tinting can help protect your privacy and valuables from prying eyes. No matter how much time you spend in your car, you deserve the comfort, style and protection of LLumar automotive window tints – one of the most trusted brands on the market.

Quality You Can Count On

Proudly made in the U.S.A. from globally sourced materials, high-performance LLumar® brand window tints help protect and improve homes, businesses, and vehicles worldwide. Manufactured by Eastman Performance Films, LLC, LLumar products are recognized for their outstanding appearance and durability. Professionally installed, LLumar window tints are backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty.** This, along with a reputation for quality and innovation, has made LLumar one of the best-selling and most-respected windowtinting brands in the world.

Window Tint That Fits You Perfectly

5 Ways Fits You

1. BENEFITS YOU CAN SEE & FEEL: Our tints merge custom style with technology that drives up comfort.

2. EASY, EVERYDAY PROTECTION: Window tint is recommended as part of a comprehensive skin care program.

3. A CUSTOM LOOK ALL YOURS: Our sleek charcoal shades match your vehicle’s rear privacy glass and range from subtle to dramatic.

4. FILM THAT LASTS: LLumar window tint’s color stability, durability and scratch resistance are enduring. A manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty** backs that promise.

5. PROFESSIONALS WHO CARE: Our dealers are masters in the art of installation and customer service. You get fantastic results.

Technical Definitions

Visible light transmission: The percentage of visible light that passes directly through filmed glass: the higher the number, the lighter the film.

Total solar energy rejection: The percentage of total solar energy rejected by filmed glass. The higher this value, the less solar heat energy is transmitted by the glass.

Ultraviolet (UV) protection: The percentage of total UV solar energy (300-380 nanometers) that is prevented from passing through the glass. Ultraviolet contributes to the fading and deterioration of fabrics and leather.

Glare reduction: The percentage by which visible light is reduced by the addition of film.

Visible light reflectance: The higher the visible reflectance of a glazing system, the more mirror-like its appearance.

Selective IR rejection (SIRR): A measurement of solar infrared radiation (780-2500nm) not directly transmitted through glass.

IR energy rejection (IRER): A more complete measurement of heat experienced from solar infrared radiation (780-2500nm) including absorbed and re-radiated energy.

Manufacturer’s Lifetime Limited Warranty*

Manufactured to perform

Engineered to deliver a higher standard of performance, LLumar® window tints are known for their quality, color stability and durable scratch-resistant coating. When professionally installed by factory trained technicians, LLumar window tints are manufactured to stand up to the test of time.

  • Valid for the life of the vehicle**
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Factory-backed protection against cracking, peeling, demetallizing or unusual change of color
* Certain restrictions apply; see dealer for warranty details
** Non-transferable
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