Over the last 15 years, Extreme Auto Pros has performed thousands of used car Extreme Details for private individuals and major Cleveland Auto Dealerships. The sustained popularity of this Extreme Detail service is a testament to its effectiveness: in addition to increasing the value of your car, pre-sale detailing will help sell your car faster.

Our Extreme Detail is our top package and includes the most. Your vehicle will look, smell and feel even better then the day you bought it.

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Starting at: $300

Most 2 door coupes, convertibles, and 4 door sedans


Starting at: $350

Most crossovers, small trucks, and small SUVs


Starting at: $400

Most vehicles with 3 rows of seating, large trucks, SUVs, and Mini Vans


  • Hand Wash and Dry Exterior with Microfiber Towel
  • Exterior Bug and Tar Removal Wash
  • Clay Bar Exterior to Remove any Oxidation, Airborne Fallout, and Rail Dust
  • Degrease and Clean Wheel Wells, Tires, and Rims
  • Degrease and Clean Door, Trunk, and Hood Jams
  • Degrease and Wash Engine and Engine Compartment
  • Vacuum & Clean/Shampoo Carpets, Floor Mats, and Seats
  • Clean and Vacuum Trunk
  • Clean and Detail Dashboard, Console, Door Panels, Vents, Seats, Seat Belt Buckles, Headliner, Gauges, and Knobs
  • Clean and Treat all Interior Vinyl and Plastic
  • Clean and Condition Leather (if equipped)
  • Clean Inside Windows, Vanity Mirrors, and Rear View Mirror (Continue)
  • 3 Step Exterior Buffing Process
  • Clean Exterior Windows and Side Mirrors
  • Treat Front and Back Windows with RainX
  • Clean and Treat all Exterior Vinyl and Plastic
  • Dress Tires

Chemical and mechanical cleaners combine to work on clear-coat urethane paints. They remove sanding marks and paint imperfections. Thus achieving the highest possible gloss while maintaining the integrity of the clear coat finish. Our Compound is step one of a three part process. Compound is developed in conjunction with our Polish and our Ceramic Sealant to bring about the highest quality finish and best protection that your exterior paint deserves.

Machine Polish is part of a new class of automobile paint finish polishes. It was developed to bring about the highest quality finish achievable to maintain a flawless long-lasting finish.

Ceramic Spray is a new class protection developed to harden into the highest quality finish achievable from urethane clear-coat, lacquer or enamel paints. Ceramic Spray Protection can last up to 6-8 months and offer way better protection than any wax out there.

The difference between our Full Detail and Extreme Detail is you get the following services in addition to the Full Detail:

  • Our 3 step Exterior process with Ceramic protection
  • The engine is degreased and vinyl, rubber, and plastic is dressed
  • Basically every inch of our vehicle is professionally detailed front to back, top to bottom.